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Narrative Handscrolls

The Flying Storehouse..png

Both secular and non-secular divisions of artists capitalized on the communicative functionality of narrative hand-scrolls (emaki). Illustrating…

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Samurai Weaponry


Although armor is what boasts the courage of the samurai, the sword is subtly and irrevocably interlinked with the culture and art aesthetic of the…

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Tale of Genji Emaki

Picture Scroll of the Tale of Genji - Scene from the Chapter of Hashihime and Yadorigi II.jpg

Secular hand-scrolls (emaki) play an important role in the tradition of Japanese story telling. Since the twelfth century, imperial patrons…

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Samurai Armor


The armor of the Japanese represents more than just the ideas of war and protection; it engenders the spirit of the warrior in the traditional…

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Horyu-ji pagoda.jpg

Throughout Japan's history, architecture has played an essential religious and cultural role for its people. Here are some examples of the types of…

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