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Picture Scroll of the Tale of Genji - Scene from the Chapter of Hashihime and Yadorigi II.jpg
A characteristic of the Late Heian style is the close attention to detail and can be seen in the delicately gold crafted Japanese screens in the middle ground of the image, and also in the sumptuous fabrics of the aristocrats.

With the…


Illustrated Tale of Genji - The 49th quire Yadorigi.jpg
Yamato-e is traditionally conceived as a Tang-Dynasty stylistic device, but through the popularization of hand-scroll narratives within the imperial court, Japanese painters were able to refine this decorative technique into something stylistically…

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Illustrated Tale of Genji - The 44th quire Takekawa.jpg
The aerial view depicted in the 44th chapter is a great compositional device rarely seen in China but greatly utilized by Japanese artists.
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